Sports activity as a growth path toward a healthy, balanced and healthy life.


Sport as a gymnasium of life

Sports, it is known, is good for the body ...but not only that, because it helps form character and teaches us how to interact with others. Sports, in short, is a cornerstone in the growth path of children.

It is the World Health Organization itself that confirms this, identifying education for regular physical activity as the essential viaticum on the path to Health, understood as physical, mental and social well-being.

It is clear, however, that when it comes to the young and very young, sports is no longer just a physical activity, but takes on a broader connotation: that of a gym that prepares us for life.

Sports gym of life
soccer coach

The mission of the coach

Participation in sports activities, therefore, represents an important formative moment for younger people, who on the one hand develop the ability to interact in a healthy way with their peers, and on the other engage their bodies in the motor activity that is essential to prevent many diseases, such as obesity.

With this dual training function, coaches assume a role of great responsibility that in addition to fostering the physical and muscular development of young athletes, they must ensure that sports activity is also preparatory to determining a child's mental and physical balance.

In this process of physical and motor literacy, the coach must make sure that a specific sport activity, especially a competitive one, is suitable for the child's physique, checking the child's postural health and monitoring its progress in relation to sport loads.

Why a coach should use BHOHB

In any sports discipline, posture is a pivotal element, as much for an athletic trainer who wants to improve the performance of an athlete (whether amateur or competitive) as it is for a trainer who has to prepare a simple board in the weight room.

With BHOHB it is possible to carry out a postural, total body screening, reconstructing our skeleton in 3D, through a simple camera, without any recourse to X-rays.
The examination, certified by the Ministry of Health, is non-invasive and is, therefore, repeatable.

The data, collected on a case-by-case basis, can be compared and allow for immediate verification of the health of the athlete's spine, the appropriateness of the physical activity undertaken, or the impact of the sports loads assigned by the trainer.

With BHOHB postural screening you can:

  • Check the postural health status of the athlete
  • Ascertain the presence of pathologies such as scoliosis, lordosis and kyphosis
  • Significantly decrease muscle accidents
  • Personalizing workouts
  • Monitor the effects of workloads
  • Check the actual impacts after recovery from an injury, even a minor one
  • Interacting with Sports Gnathology.


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