Antonio Amodeo
Director of the Complex Operating Unit: Heart Failure, Transplantation and Mechanical Cardio-Respiratory Care, Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital, Rome. Lecturer at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart.

Prof. Antonio Amodeo

Dr. Angelo Gabriele Aulisa
Medical director U.O.C. - Orthopaedics and Traumatology Children's Hospital Bambino Gesù, Rome

Prof. Angelo Gabriele Aulisa

I can say that the validation study of the BHOHB medical device is showing how effective this tool is especially in scoliosis screening. With BHOHB we can accelerate the diagnosis and monitor the progress of scoliosis, avoiding the repeated and invasive use of radiographic examination.

dr giancarlo graziani
Director of Complex Operational Unit of Rehabilitation Medicine ASL Rome 1

Prof. Giancarlo Graziani

Pathologies of the spine result in real structural damage that leads to the need for repeated radiographic investigations. Among innovative technologies, the BHOHB allows for total body postural analysis using simple digital photos, without any use of ionizing radiation, which is why this technology has been chosen for the analysis of the effectiveness of rehabilitation treatment in lateral column deviations.

Alexander Pinto
Medical Doctor Surgeon, Specialist in Food Science. University Researcher at the Department of Experimental Medicine, Section of Medical Pathophysiology, Food Science and Endocrinology, Research Unit in Food Science and Human Nutrition Sapienza University of Rome.

Prof. Alessandro Pinto

The health and well-being of the individual depends on a good state of nutrition. Man is what he eats. Therefore, body composition is the result of proper nutrition combined with an adequate level of physical activity. This allows for regular growth during developmental age and healthy aging by preventing many diseases. There is a need to develop new non-invasive methods, easy to apply but at the same time sufficiently precise and accurate, to analyze and monitor body composition. This is the goal of the "Biometrical Holistic Of Human Body Composition Analysis Technology" (BHOHB-CAT) project, which involves the implementation of current BHOHB technology for postural analysis with body composition analysis, as sides of the same coin for the well-being of the 'individual.

Surgeon, Physiatrist c/o Policlinico Gemelli Foundation, Sacred Heart University Rome Alessia Rabini

In the field of Rehabilitation Medicine, the use of the Biometrical Holistic Of Human Body (BHOHB) device finds a very wide range of application, allowing for total body postural assessment, skeletal biometry calculation, and detection and measurement of vertebral deviation angles without the use of X-rays.

Clinical Hospital Lapino, Head doctor assistance, MD, PhD

Dr. Nadezda Rumyantseva

We find a great advantage in using this technology, in patients with neurological and orthopedic profiles, because this technique allows us to objectively assess the changes that occur during treatment.