BHOHB Cervical

Cervical spine imbalances, within minutes, without X-ray.

BHOHB Cervical is a diagnostic device, certified by the Ministry of Health as a measuring instrument that can detect imbalances in the cervical spine by providing immediate diagnosis.

It provides all the elements useful in the development of a therapy targeted to the specific problem and allows numerous interconnections with different medical specialties such as orthodontics.

Specific for cervical tract imbalances

It enables medical professionals to draw up an accurate diagnosis and detect and prevent many painful symptoms of patients.

The values acquired also make it possible to measure the effectiveness of any corrective tools applied (orthotics, splints, etc.) and to carry out immediate posture rebalancing interventions.

The data acquired

  • Maximum movement opening
  • Differentiated minimum maximum (right, left) movement opening
  • Average of the minimum and maximum front and back values
  • Standard deviation of the 5 acquired movements
  • Maximum and differentiated opening with standard deviation of the 2 reflex movements for the acquired movement

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