BHOHB Postural

For the patient just a picture, for the physician an objective examination for a definite diagnosis.

In just a few gestures, the certainty and reliability of a 3D, radiation-free postural biometric examination, complementary to or a substitute for radiological examination.

It allows detection of postural imbalances of the spine and in particular paramorphisms such as scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis and calculation of up to three different Cobb angles. The examination is free of radiation emission and allows for repeated periodic checks and verification of the effectiveness of the chosen therapy.

Spinal health through precise and objective measures

Revolutionary in its kind, unique in the world, BHOHB Postural is able to take a series of biometric measurements with real-time 3D reconstruction of the spine, enabling medical specialists to make an accurate diagnosis with objective data and prevent and/or detect numerous painful symptoms of patients.

Its proper use provides all the useful elements for the development of a therapy targeted to the specific problem and allows numerous interconnections with different medical specialties, precisely because of the particular complexity of the diagnostic process.

Simple, fast, safe and noninvasive.

The practitioner applies markers or selects predefined repere points with the mouse. BHOHB Postural through the acquired images will instantly perform full body mapping with 3D reconstruction of the skeletal structure. To perform the reconstruction, the software relies on mathematical(non-statistical) models that allow processing of the specific clinical case.

Biometric measurements are supplemented with additional data that are extremely important for correct diagnosis, such as calculation of various angles, calculation of surfaces, Cobb angle(s) measurement, lateral and hump assessment. In addition, comparisons with other examinations and radiographs can be made.

An excellent prevention tool

Image acquisition is done through digital photos, therefore without radiation emissions. This feature is an absolute revolution and has a great impact from the point of view of prevention, allowing massive surveys and monitoring both in public and private health facilities and directly in schools, sports centers, etc.

The benefits from a clinical and community health point of view are enormous, as are the savings in Health Expenditure from causes related to lack of prevention: more than 600 million working days are lost each year in Europe due to illnesses related to incorrect posture. Neck and lower back pain are the most frequent causes of absence (citing European Agency for Safety and Health at Work).

The ability to perform an endless series of image acquisitions also allows for the measurement of the effectiveness of the applied corrective tool (insoles, splints, etc.) and immediate posture rebalancing interventions.

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